DPP_0003Cheryl Lister lives on a solar powered, tropical rainforest farm in the Dominican Republic.  Cheryl moved off the grid in the summer of 2014 with her husband and two daughters, to support a slowly emerging community of Fourth Way practitioners committed to internal self-development and external service to our fragile Earth and fellow humans.  Cheryl has developed an EcoRetreat business to provide transcendent group experiences for those who wish to visit the natural and sacred side of the Dominican Republic.  You can visit http://www.EcoRetreatsDR.com to find out more about the business…and to hear more about her personal journey, come on in and visit off the grid Mama!


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  1. Hi there! Mari L’Esperance suggested I follow your blog; she said you’re going to the Dominican Republic (my former home for almost 20 years.) Would love to know more about your plans, where you’ll be, etc. I’ve written a memoir about my years in the D.R., “The Coconut Latitudes.” It’s available for pre-order via Amazon now, and publish date is September. It will be available as e-book too. If interested in my blog,it’s http://www.ritamgardner.com/blog

    • I’m so happy to be connected to you, Rita, and will absolutely purchase your book, “The Coconut Latitudes.” Yes, let’s be connected! Can you FB friend me at Cheryl Lister? We will be living near a town called Piedra Blanca, if that rings a bell? It’s about 40 minutes from a small city called Bonao. Let me know where you lived and let’s share adventures! Warmest Regards!

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