December 13, 2017: Could It Be?

I’m almost afraid to write.  It seemed that somehow my precious year record of blog posts had disappeared into a non existent cloud, unretrievable.

This is a test:  Are you here?  Am I here?

8 thoughts on “December 13, 2017: Could It Be?

  1. Big all-in adventure in the tropics, followed by severe GI illness and return to Marin, with little ones in tow. You dropped off the blog map! But now you’re back! Welcome back!

  2. OMG OMG ! It seemed the whole blog was deleted but somehow I have been able to re-activate.

    Wow: Part Two Coming — Mother Lioness to Tell Her Tale
    Watch out, world, off or on the grid, this roller coaster ride continues to blow me away. Thanks Robin and lmaxtaylor for verifying I am here xoxo

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