May 7, 2015: Day 2 of Water Only

Hello hello:)  I sailed pretty smoothly through the last day of juice and yesterday, began the first day of water.  My caffeine headache had passed and everything was fairly calm.  I felt some distracting hunger pangs in the afternoon but nothing horrific.  I did a little bit of tai chi, meditation exercises, a yoga class they offer here and short walks.

There are quite a few more hours in the day if one is not involved in any food preparation, consumption or clean up (not to mention parenting and all else)…wow…During mealtimes for the clients here that are eating, I sat in the sun, read, and checked and answered email.  I was in a slower motion pace than my typical pace but there was time to do whatever I put my mind to doing.  (Including an icky call I’d been avoiding to the DMV regarding a license plate that hasn’t arrived for our car…they said the hold would be “TWO HOURS” and offered an automated call back system which I took.  I wonder if there is just one person sitting there answering the phone? It seemed like it when he finally called me back:  His voice was deflated, monotone, as he asked what I needed.  What a job, oh my!)

Conversations overheard here are unique.  This morning, I heard my housemate knock on the door of the bathroom they share, to say, “I need to use the bathroom when you can, J.”  After a couple more minutes, J. emerged and happily announced to the waiting roommate, “I just had my first B.M. since finishing the water fast!  I’m so excited!”

Others share their health and life stories, and how they came to be here.  One woman came from Australia, another from Norway, someone from Florida, Canada…South Carolina…I asked the woman from Norway if there wasn’t anyplace closer to her than this, to accomplish a healing water fast.  She said there really wasn’t, with the combination of close Medical supervision and professionalism that exists here.  The woman from Norway is here because she has debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, wants to get off the heavy medications and heal from the pain and chronic issues.  The TrueNorth Center has had a tremendous success rate with rheumatoid arthritis so I am rooting for her all the way.  I’ll let you know how she’s doing.

One man has been here for a year, and another woman since November.  I still need to get their stories.  The vibe here is somewhat serious and austere compared to some Juice Retreat places I’ve been to.  It’s not as luxurious or whoo hoo-ey.  They don’t offer Reiki and Transformational Breathwork, fire ceremonies or Pranic Healers.  The founders and main staff are medical doctors, and they are interested in gathering objective results in order to help spread the word about healing from water fasting.  However, as one of the Doctors described a “typical pattern” with fasting (and quickly qualified that, saying that each fast is unique), he said that around day ten or so, water fasting clients often become very ethereal, soft and have a spiritual quality to them.  He said in his Doctor-ly kind of way, “We respect – and value – this part of the experience for our clients, it’s quite something to witness.”  So within the clinical elements, I can feel the Spirit of the place.

They don’t want you to use any lotions, perfumes, perfumed soaps…and NO toothpaste!  And no shower unless the doctor okay’s it!  So far I have the okay to shower, yay.  But apparently, standing up in warm water for a while can even make you faint as the fast goes on.  I’m cheating a bit with the toothpaste – too ick!  I have a very natural type toothpaste and putting just a tiny bit on my brush and make sure not to swallow any.

So:  Day Two, here we are.  I’m a little bit weaker feeling than yesterday, yet I can feel the feeling I usually get when I’m juicing or eating very consciously, which I consider to be whole, real, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts.  I start to notice more around me, and things begin to look more crisp and clear.  I walked into my room yesterday and finally noticed, “Oh, there’s a beautiful photo of a sunset on the wall!”  and sitting in the sun in the courtyard, I enjoyed the feast of color and bursts of shape in their rose garden to a degree I hadn’t since I arrived.  These moments feed me, give me the reminder that being clean in my diet is an essential part of taking care of the only body we have been given in this life.  A tiny slice of spirit enters, the sense of my body truly as a temple, to lovingly care for and honor all that it does for me.  I neglect this body so often, and it has served me well for all these years.   Okay, body, we are entering a deep place of healing.  Let’s do this thing, body, mind, heart and spirit, together.

And wherever you are…may you be filled with peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness, in all aspects..every One. xoxo

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