May 19, 2015: Day 14: Water

It’s not easy. In one of the lectures here at the fasting center, Dr. Goldhamer explained that the most successful participants often have a strong, present motivation that responds to the fast quickly.  For example, someone with chronic pain whose pain vanishes as they fast, will likely continue their fast, and continue eating their bland, […]

May 7, 2015: Day 2 of Water Only

Hello hello:)  I sailed pretty smoothly through the last day of juice and yesterday, began the first day of water.  My caffeine headache had passed and everything was fairly calm.  I felt some distracting hunger pangs in the afternoon but nothing horrific.  I did a little bit of tai chi, meditation exercises, a yoga class […]

May 5, 2015: Preparation

When I went back to the Doctor a couple of weeks ago, a new lab test showed that the strong medications I had taken, had indeed gotten rid of the amoeba in my gut.  That is huge.  Like STEP ONE:  The Amoeba Has Left The Premises. To approach STEP TWO:  Assess and Repair Damage Done […]