March 7, 2015:  Our Last Evening With Auntie and Uncle:

Out on the peninsula of Semana, I had heard about a restaurant perched on a high cliff that people tended to dive off of into the sea below.  We didn’t want to dive, but decided to check out the restaurant with the rumored fabulous view.

About halfway up the potted slim dirt road surrounded by groves of plantain and banana trees, our truck bumping and lurching along, Sofia said, “It’s like our road home to the farm!”  and my Aunt suggested we might be lost.  I agreed it was possible, but knowing how things can be here in the Dominican Republic (vague, unmarked roads leading to Paradise), I said, “Let’s just keep going a little further, we can always turn around…”

Up and around we wove, with increasing sounds from Marin, Uncle and Auntie, saying, “Uhhh… I don’t know, Cher..where did you hear about this?  Who told you there was a restaurant up here?”

We finally came to a series of hand written signs along the road, with arrows pointing to “El Cabito” and we followed until we arrived at the restaurant indeed, perched on a high cliff overlooking the sea.  My Aunt and Uncle have traveled alot yet agreed this is one of the most unusual, incredible places they’ve ever been to dine.  If you’re ever in the area…just keep following the road, don’t give up, you’ll find it.

Handrails made from polished tree branches, planks for stairs, wooden tables, lamps perched perilously close to edges…and the most astounding view of the ocean and land embracing the sea and air are what we discover.  We all walked around the property for a while, to the sound of waves booming onto hollowed out sea rock, and the descending sun beginning to douse everything in a golden peach hue.  As a few other people filled the tables, a few dogs wandered in and laid at one or another table.  Then for some inexplicable reason, there was a caramel colored baby goat with a white tip tail, that settled down under someone else’s table when their dinner came.  The staff stepped around the goat and dogs as they served up grilled veggies and fresh fish from the sea below.

It was a good way to share our last night with Auntie and Uncle.  Now they’ve headed back to Massachusetts and today we make our way back up to the farm to join our group.  While we have been gone the intensive seminar has continued so we are looking forward to re-entering the events, the group, the shared Work.  My posts will likely become more “Haiku” and sporadic again since my internet is a challenge there, but:   I will be here, in one way or another, with you.  As always, sending peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness to everyone. xoxo

whole family familybrenda and marintable by the sea  sunset view   restaurantsign

One thought on “March 7, 2015:  Our Last Evening With Auntie and Uncle:

  1. “…just keep following the road, don’t give up, you’ll find it.”
    Good advice.
    Waves of love back at you.

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