Sublime Natural Beauty:

I’m sitting under palm trees swaying in an ocean breeze, with birds calling and soft waves rolling in and out.  My daughters are running around me in a made up game of tag-ball-hide in the hammock-climb on Mommy-jump off and dance.  My very remarkable, kind-hearted Auntie Brenda is sitting next to me enjoying a book.  Marin is swimming to a nearby island and back.  My hilarious, charming and warm Uncle Fred has wandered off to the village looking for an ATM machine that might work (it doesn’t).

A few hours earlier, I was speeding on a boat around empty crescents of beach nestled between craggy dragon shaped rocks being slammed by waves as we raced to Playa Rincon.  I’m sure Playa Rincon has been in many films, as it is the quintessential Caribbean beach:  Aquamarine waters lapping up on white sand, dotted with coconut trees, it seems as if this day is meant to extend into eternity.  My uncle and aunt kindly took Sofia on a walk so I could sit dreamily for a while by myself, as Marin and Michelle had stayed back at our rental house to play dinosaur and rest.

Looking out at the land surrounding the perfect beach, it is noticeably empty of man’s touch.  There are a few homes and farms scattered in between large chunks of rich green land filled with plant life.  How long can it last?  When might a developer take over more and more of it, filling the land with industry?  It seems amazing that the ocean is clean here, that the land is still open, that it is all not yet claimed, owned, covered with flashing metals and cement structures and artificial welcomes.  Please find a way for our world to be saved.  Please find a way for us to meet as one family, concerned about our shared Earth.  Please help us find our way to hold what remains sacred and that we are the ones called to protect one another, our land, our home.

Sometimes when we are out in nature, surrounded by its glorious beauty, we can find our way to that wish to care for one another, to tend our land gently and wisely.  We can feel how related we all are, how related we are to the trees, to the hills, to the person next to us that we have never met, yet we somehow know.   Sitting here under the swaying palms, I can feel that connection, I can feel that wish deepen, my sacred wish.

And here and now, I can feel how much I wish peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness to everyone.  Every One. xoxo

beach rincon sand rincon boat to rincon rincon beach at rincon

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