March 4, 2015: Fulfilling, Full Days:

Well, maybe it’s been my record for not posting?  The days at the farm are long, full and deep, as we enter more into the Lent period of the ongoing seminar.  There was a transition a couple of weeks ago, where most of the first group departed after they completed their visit with us, and the continuing seminar is now about sixteen people, with many from the city coming in and out on the the weekends.
As a practice continues internally, there seems to be a settling into the present more, although of course there are bumps along the Way!  Yet, something opens up and softens, allowing more to become possible in a day, a moment…
I was very very happy to receive a special guest to the farm for two nights, a lovely woman who would like to hold a retreat at River Whisper Farm.  She is a serious, long term practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, among other meditation and internal practices.  Guess what?  She loved the farm!  She stayed in one of our small, cozy cottages and wandered the land, went to the river, toured the facility.  She was able to meet quite a few people who are there right now on the seminar, and had a chance to ask questions and share ideas.
I hope we can organize a remarkable time for her and her group.  She came from freezing weather on the East coast and was overjoyed to walk in shorts and flip flops, to see all the greenery and feel the warm breeze.  It was so much fun for me to show her the farm and brainstorm together about retreat ideas, collaborative thoughts, friends we know that would be great to co-create a retreat with.
Shortly after her departure, my Aunt and Uncle flew in to visit us from Massachusetts, leaving a record Negative Fifteen Degree Fareinheit day behind them!  Can’t even fathom that.  They said if we had been there this winter we probably would have never stayed again.  Boston is frozen and people are in serious trouble with jobs, travel, everything.  Wow.
So we are on a short visit with Auntie B and Uncle F to a lovely beach house connected to my collaborative EcoRetreat group at Villa Serena in Las Galeras.  It’s perfect for a family — or a group — to hang out in the expansive home near the hotel.  There is a kitchen so we were able to bring our own groceries and cook, many bedrooms, right on the ocean…a yoga studio floating up some Aunt and Uncle and I went on a boat whale watching today which is a lifetime experience.  The humpback whales swim to Semana every year to have their babies here.  We were overjoyed to meet up with a Mommy whale and her 6 wk old baby, along with two male escorts who were a bit in competition to be The One that gets to escort the Mommy around.  The baby was incredibly playful, rolling around on top of her Mommy, flapping her tail, flipping up in the air.  It was fabulous to witness.  They are amazing creatures, and endangered.
Wherever you are, I send you my wish for your best moments of peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness, now and always.  To everyone. xoxo
whales whale watching mother and child fishing dominican world dominican family baby whale aunt and uncle

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