Seminar Week Three

We are now approximately 28 in the third week of the seminar. Every day is externally and internally full and its hard to believe all that unfolds in one day.
While the group participates in various activities such as Movements, the children are usually playing nearby. As the days progress, the kids are remarkably flexible and patient as they become accustomed to the schedule and one another. We adults continually learn so much from our children!
On my own note, I’m grateful to be mostly over the flu that I had during the first week. I’m sure you know that feeling upon recovering from an illness: How wonderful it feels to have good health, how much energy we have when we feel simply ordinary. Jose is drumming while teaching our Movements class, and we are surrounded by the ever present rainforest sights and sounds. Trying to remember to take some more pics for you, but for the moment– sending a deep wish for everyone to experience peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness. Everyone xoxo

week 3Jose week 3

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