December 26, 2014: One Day Late Merry Christmas

Maybe tis the season here, for challenging internet and phone connections.  To all who have tried to contact me, I send my greetings and love back at ya!  I’m in my internet cafe for a few precious minutes yet even here the connection is slow…slow…slow…

Such is the pace of this moment.  To accept and dip into the quality of life where one imagines one has a plan or expectation – and whatever is it – planning to shop for a few gifts and tissue and wrap, or expecting to purchase fresh greens for Christmas dinner – or imagining a gift that was purchased for one’s children, might work – as my two musical daughters sing so well, (via Frozen Movie) here’s the theme for the moment : “Let it go! Let it go!”   And we do.

Usually the girls then run into their drawers and dress up in matching dresses and beads and little purses and necklaces, and we turn to what is happening now and what is possible:  We dance in the living room.  We act out “Let it go” and we were able to download “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” song and the girls are simply marvelous at singing and pantomiming someone sleeping in the jungle, with a lion approaching: ROAR!!!!!

I wish you a Merry it Christmas, or any other way that you bring in celebration and gratitude at the end of a year.  At the farm in our jungle, we had a really lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Jose and two of his sons visiting the farm, and then the girls were amazed to discover that Santa had been able to find the farm and bring gifts to our home nestled above the river.  Santa sure gets around.  Now many of Jose and Katiuska’s family members have come to the farm for several days and we are cooking and building and cleaning and sharing space.  Sofia and Michelle are well attended, which they love.  In fact, we all love seeing the farm moving with people, sharing activities and tasks.

I miss some of my very special friends and family who are far from here.  I hope you feel me in your hearts, just as I tell Sofia and Michelle every night, that we can feel each other in our hearts.  Together in spirit and love.  Wishing you peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness..everyone..everywhere. REJOICE!! xoxo

2 thoughts on “December 26, 2014: One Day Late Merry Christmas

  1. Thinking of you and feeling you in my heart!
    Thank you for the photos and sharing your excitement.
    Have a Merry Christmas week and a New Year full of Abundance and Love.

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