December 10, 2014: Did I Say Home Again, Again?

Massachusetts, you’re a “HOT-Breakah,” to say it in the Bostonian accent! Massachusetts, you are intelligent and refined, independent and hot-headed on the road. You are liberal, fair, and guess what? Between the months of November and April you are wicked cold, baby! So we were all swathed in layers and piles of clothing for two weeks, our lips were immediately chapped by the dry ice air, our Caribbean golden tinged tans faded under the snowy white skies…AND…we were warmed by friends, family, new friends, just missed friends which then helps the imagined  frost bite melt away into a silly story told at night by the crackling fire.

We took an easy night flight back to Santo Domingo last Friday, which arrived at 3:15 am.  We caught a taxi to our truck parked in the city at our friends’ house; Marin drove up into the rainforest hills as Sofia, Michelle and I napped along the way. We were home in our sweet, cozy farm house by about 6:30 am, and we started a Group weekend with a 7:30 am Zikr practice shortly after dumping our bags on the floor and putting Marin, Sofia and Michelle to bed for a couple more hours. What a trip to jump into a  Group Work weekend just after arriving: The pace, the practices that help sharpen the edges of awareness, being with the group, multi-tasking the needs of our precious, somewhat sleep-deprived daughters with the calling in our hearts to participate as fully as our being can handle. There is a surreal and also stark quality to the experience:  Being sleep-deprived and jumping from the USA to DR – and entering the shared practices for awakening with the group.  It’s like getting to see your Higher Self, observing your slumbering, stumbling Self.  Again, I was frequently reminded, “Just keep going…don’t give up…”  Being submerged…and surfacing…submerged in the murky tiredness…re-surfacing to find myself surrounded by luscious tropical smells, the warmth of an embrace from a friend, the wrinkled edges of a recently fallen flower on the grass.

Home.  And now the farm and the group will begin to prepare for an extended seminar beginning in late January.  Group members will arrive from the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and more, to bring the gift of their presence, and to share the gift of a Teaching that is ancient, mystical and very much alive.  More to come!

Sending a big embrace out to everyone, with wishes for peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness.  To everyone. xoxo

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