Thanks Giving, 2014: Surrounded by Snow and Family

photo (13)So, clearly we are not off the grid in a tropical rainforest farm at the moment!  We drove through a fairly intense snowstorm to our exit into the Berkshires, a beautiful mountainous area in Western Massachusetts.  Inches and inches of snow surrounded us, fell onto our car, the highway, trees…trees began to sag from the weight of the heavy fall.  The day before Thanksgiving in America is an unfortunate time to have a major storm.  But we made it to Auntie Brenda and Uncle Fred’s house, filled with cousins and other Uncle and Aunt energy arriving from Washington DC, New York, North Carolina, Wisconsin…well, Wisconsin Cousin’s flights were delayed, then cancelled…and he has now arrived this morning.  We are a few less than last year:  Grandma Louise died this year, though her presence is very much felt.  Two other cousins are working far away, in Colorado and Peru.  Hi you two!

photo (12)Sofia and Michelle were swaddled in snow attire and let loose on the deck and in the yard yesterday afternoon.  Michelle lasted almost eight minutes, and Sofia had to be called in.

I wish you a day of thanks, as we are having here.  Being grateful for all that we have.  Last night the electricity went out and we were reminded of all that we take for granted, in so many ways.  Even off the grid – our solar power works very well, and our needs are met.  It’s not to be taken for granted.

Here at my Aunt and Uncles house, I am surrounded by photos and memories of my Mom, Grandma, and others that are no longer here at the table.  They may not be at the table, yet I know they are still here.  I see them in my loved ones eyes and I can always feel them in my heart..just like I tell Sofia and Michelle about me:  I’m here, in your heart.  May it be so! Sending peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness to everyone…everyone.

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