November 20, 2014: Heading from 80 degrees to Freezing!


photo (8)  I’ve been so busy with all of the exciting eco-conscious off the grid life over here in DR, that I forgot to mention our family is flying to Massachusetts to spend Thanksgiving and other time with family and friends.  We are REALLY excited to see everyone!  BFF Jean and her 11 year old daughter, Hannah, are flying in from California to meet us, and her hubby Steve will also join us for a few days.  Remember Jean and Hannah, all the way back just before we went off the grid?  Yes, same Jean and Hannah:  Can’t wait!  There will surely be lots of adventures to share.  Here is our family today, just after we finally piled ourselves in the truck with a ton of stuff, crossing the river, saying good-bye to the farm for two weeks:  On the way out, we all chanted, “Good-bye, plants…good-bye, Felipe’s mule hiding in the cacao trees…good-bye Casa…see you soon…”

photo (8)It is a never ending amazing experience to drive through the towns and cities here.  This truck is piled with plantains, headed out of our mountainous area.

photo (11)We drove into Santo Domingo, and although this is a large Metropolis, there is still a sense of a warm, Caribbean vibe.  Two ladies are balancing their buckets filled with wares, on their heads, as they swing-walk along the road to their next stop.  We are sequestered in a hotel until 2 am when we will take a taxi to the airport and fly a non stop flight from DR to Boston.  It’s actually pretty cool – once you get on for the 4:19 am take-off, there is a less than 4 hour nap-time until landing in Boston.  On Jet Blue – check it out when you come.

My fabulous Organizer, Lisa (Yes, also the VERY same Lisa of who helped us get on our way a few months ago) has gone to our storage room, retrieved winter wear and dropped it off at the hotel in Boston where Jean and Hannah will stay tonight.  When we arrive, Jean and Hannah will pick us up in the rental van along with our gloves, hats, snow pants, boots…oh my! that have been waiting for us.  I wonder if anything will fit Sofia and Michelle anymore, since they have been growing daily?  We are going to drive out to one of my favorite places in the world for a couple of nights…I’ll probably write you all about it from  Saniye and Ivan have created the most idyllic, holistic retreat space in Hurleyville, New York.  It was one of those miracles to find them a few years ago.  It will be a great way to begin our Winter Wonderland Adventure in the US!  Saniye is a sister from ten thousand years ago and beyond.

Whether you find yourself in 80 degrees or 6 feet of new fallen snow, I’m sending a big hug and all of the peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness that you may embrace!  To everyone.  Embrace whatever it is! xoxo


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