November 19, 2014: New Announcement of Eco-Collaboration with Natura Cabana!!

number fourWhat do you notice that is remarkable about this beach, other than its pristine, foamy waved beauty?  It is empty.  I enjoyed several solitary, contemplative strolls along the golden sands of Natura Cabana’s private beach over the weekend.  The sand is the kind that crunches deliciously between my toes, and strewn with precious puka shells, the kind we used to collect and string into necklaces in Hawaii.  In the picture above, you can see how the waves sizzle into the sand as they pull back into the sea, making the slightest Ahhhhh sound that is mesmerizing and calming.  I had heard about Natura Cabana from a few friends and felt an affinity for  this secluded eco-lodge before I even arrived:  I was not disappointed.  Natura Cabana is a quiet, Caribbean style cluster of eleven thatched roof bungalows, designed and created by an ecologically passionate couple from Chile, who moved to this land in 1996 to raise their four daughters here.  I totally get it!  They have done an incredible job of creating an eco-lodge style property, where I met an international array of lovely guests and local residents, from Germany, France, United States, Canada, Norway, Russia and more.

number threeOne of the many highlights of my stay at Natura Cabana was to attend a yoga class each morning, in an open air, thatched palm roof yoga studio on a platform overlooking the sea.  Kieran Barry, a kite-surfing, yoga kind of dude from UK, lives here for several months of the year and teaches a wonderful, multi-level, 90 minute yoga class, usually twice a day.  My body was so happy to go to yoga three days in a row in the morning, with the ocean breeze and oversize fans to gently stir the air and senses.  In this picture, Sofia and Michelle have come up to the yoga room in between classes, so that we could have our own “yoga class.”  When I talked with Lole and Kieran about my eco-retreat business, they were in agreement that the yoga space can be used for my groups, led by our yoga teachers, and Kieran is also open to adding in private yoga classes for our groups if we wish.

number twoHere is a yoga class setting up for morning yoga in the airy yoga space.  After the class, there is time to wander over to the restaurant for breakfast and enjoy fresh cut fruit and freshly prepared juices, and a full breakfast of many options.  Actually – Natura Cabana has a garden where they grow many of their fruits and vegetables for the restaurant, which is run by a creative, fabulous Chef from Argentina.  I promise:  Every meal here was exquisite, healthy, artistic and delicious.  Each plate is decorated with everything from edible flowers to wilted greens swirling in light, fragrant sauces that complement fresh seafood, quinoa and vegetables from the garden.  I felt utterly nourished.  Total yum.

number fiveDo you see Sofia peeking out of the window of the tree house?  Natura Cabana is very kid-friendly:  In addition to the simple joy of playing on the beach, this tree house was right outside our large family style bungalow, with wooden swings, and the pool just beyond.  Several new friendships were forged on the ladder of the tree house, as everyone adventured up and up, even Michelle, cautious yet determined.

Okay, so:  I LOVE Natura Cabana!  I was very fortunate, since this was a spontaneous visit, to be able to meet the General Manager, Belen, who is a warm, capable presence on the property, answering questions and available to help schedule a massage or moving from one bungalow to another when my family arrived.  The owner, Lole, a gracious and lovely, open-hearted woman, made herself available to me to talk about adding Natura Cabana to my website and collection of eco-conscious retreat properties in DR.  I can tell by getting to know Lole a bit that our values of caring for the environment and helping provide eco-friendly opportunities for visitors, are in absolute alignment with each other.  Lole clearly honors the land and home that she has made here, the home that she so enthusiastically now shares with her guests.

Lole connected me with her daughter, Bianca, who is the head of their Marketing Department.  Bianca is professional and also excited to work with me on future retreat groups that I will bring to the lovely eco-lodge.  I couldn’t be more overjoyed to announce that Natura Cabana has now been added to the EcoRetreatsDR collection of bliss-filled retreat spaces that you will enjoy when you visit this magical country!  What an ideal match for my vision of offering retreat groups the possibility of truly immersing themselves in a transcendent, restorative retreat experience.

Please take a look at Natura Cabana, that is now added to  In addition, you can read more about the eco-lodge on their own website, at What do you think about being whisked away to a tropical rainforest farm…a sublimely pristine, elegant Villa by the sea…a cluster of artistically crafted, thatched roof bungalows nestled in the trees at the ocean’s edge…?  It is a complete joy to discover these unique places and I can’t wait to create a retreat with you here!

And as always, thinking of you all with the deepest wishes for peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness…to everyone. xoxo

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