October 14, 2014: OFF Off The Grid for a few days…


Kind of a strange 24 hour period.  Settling back down into my body…maybe…do you ever have that experience?  When things get too wonky and weird, do you ever find that you kind of float away and out of your body and present world, not into an intentionally created Soul observing place, but more like dissociating:  Too much going on, so it’s best to just “depart” the present, body, Self and all?

I’ve had that a little bit the last 24 hours..yet moments of pulling back in..weaving in and out of awareness – like a kaleidoscope, coming in and out of the focus of what is happening in the here and now.

So:  I’m not sure when I’ll post again…might take a few days, but you know me:  I’ll be with you again.

We are somewhat spontaneously going to Virginia tomorrow morning to – cross fingers!! – close escrow on the home we loved and lived in for several years.  (Don’t ask why we are going in person vs. long distance, it’s too complicated to even bother explaining!)  We’ll turn it into a big adventure, for sure, so don’t be surprised if you live there and we send you a message to see if you want to meet us at the aquarium dolphin statue that Sofia used to climb as a toddler!

So in the midst of that decision, booking tickets, details, details, –  my computer, Ipad, NEW ECO-RETREAT business papers and notes and information and such that I’ve been collecting in various folders and notebooks…was stolen today, along with Sofia and Michelle’s backpacks full of super important stuff for a trip (think everything from bathing suits to socks to floaties to games for plane)…hmmmm…Let’s say I’m in recovery right now, borrowing Marin’s computer to post this last post before we fly out early tomorrow morning.  And let’s also say it is only us to blame for not being more careful with our stuff.

Weird that my last post here I was just talking about my appreciation for modern technology like internet, Facebook connections, etc.  So to anyone I said I might call, email, message, whatever:  I might be a bit delayed in getting back into my routine!

So we’re going OFF “Off the grid,” .. to Virginia Beach, a place that holds many lovely memories for Marin and me – we lived there for about 7 years, created our family there.  We grew up a lot there, went through a lot there. Good people there.  My Dad is still there  We’ll stop in and see him, hold his hand even if he’s dozing off in the big chair near the front door of the Assisted Living home.

You know what?  Another reason I just realized I like to keep this blog?  Writing has always, always calmed me down, brought me back into myself.  I’m feeling more collected, for having shared this day with you, for writing these words.  Thanks for being with me, as always.  And, as always, wishing each and everyone peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness.  To everyone.  xoxo

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