October 13, 2014: Appreciation of Modern Technology

Here I am, off the grid..and often, speaking about all of the amazingly great things about not having 24/7 access to phone, internet, no electricity, etc.  But I just want to stop for a moment and send a shout out to the Modern World of Technology, because there are some truly incredible aspects to our brave, new world.

I lost track of time a bit out here in the rainforest but I believe it’s been about three and a half months since I started this blog, on the cusp of our departure from Massachusetts.  I’d like to thank whoever is involved in inventing internet, blogs, Facebook — all this social media stuff.  There are HUGE challenges and downsides to all of this, I know.  But to take a moment to appreciate the upside.

Re-connecting with people from our past that we would never find if it weren’t for the internet:  Wow.  My high school class has bonded through reunions and a quarterly bulletin that was mailed out ever since graduation.  Yet with Facebook and the internet, we’ve been able to really get into the details of one another’s lives, supporting each other through trials and successes, everything from a classmate’s illness to another classmate becoming our US President, Barack Obama.  We are privileged to see photos of each other’s travels, children..and now, even some grandchildren, wow!  It’s priceless to have this connection.

Staying in touch with my family that is far-flung:  I wouldn’t have all the details of my darling cousins, Aunts, Uncles, if it weren’t for email, Facebook, their own blogs.  It must be in our old pioneer genes:  We are geographically all over the place, from the tallest mountains of Colorado and Vermont, to a small village in Peru, to my own rainforest off the grid.  So grateful to get to hear how everyone’s doing.

And on this blog:  There’s a really cool – not sure what you call it? – app? – that I am able to view, that lets me know what country my offthegridmama readers are reading from.  I don’t know who you all are, or how you’ve found me, but I’m just thrilled when I see the list of countries!  48 countries have checked in with the blog since I started writing, including places like Qatar, Finland, Poland, Serbia, Indonesia, Japan…Chile, Sri Lanka, Greece…Romania, Italy, Russia…of course USA, Dominican Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada…and hello to you in Tanzania, too!  Please keep hanging out with me, it’s so much fun to be with you here:)

So:  Modern World, there are times that I complain about you.  There are some heavy duty things I have issues with in regard to your modern ways.  Yet I’m a part of this, too, a consumer and a lover both.  So just for today, for this moment – no complaints.  With your help, I’ve been able to create a “web-based business,” and a place to share my thoughts that anyone in the world can find, if they have internet access.  How daring and dazzling of you.

When I finish a blog post and click “Publish..” .. then the words I type now – instantaneously travel around the world, to find you, to reach out to you, to connect and share what’s happening in a small tropical rainforest farm in the Dominican Republic.  It’s a good thing I don’t smoke pot anymore, because I don’t think I could handle that information if I was stoned!

Whew:)  Well, that was on my mind.  Let us be mindful of the power of technology.  And, sending some appreciation out to our bedraggled, chaotic modern world, may we all learn to use you to spread peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness…out to everyone..everyone in this wide, shared world.  xoxo

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