October 6, 2014: Working and Being Together

About twenty of us, including several joyful children, were together at the farm for a group weekend.  As hoped, the group was able to use the new kitchen and dining room for cooking and sharing our meals.  All around the kitchen, continued finishing touches were ongoing, thus the scene throughout the weekend often looked like this:  One person is cutting bok choy freshly harvested from the garden…someone is under the sink working on a pipe…someone is installing a window next to the dish-washing area…another person is gathering the cutlery to set the tables for dinner…a concert of activity.  Although it sounds at odds, the scene was harmonious, flowing, celebratory.

It’s hard to fathom what takes place in just one day of a work weekend.  Some people are up early to prepare breakfast.  A bell sounds at 7:00, to give everyone 30 minutes to arrive at 7:30 for a meditation practice.  Breakfast follows, which usually includes warm fresh baked bread and juicy tropical, succulent pineapple, papaya and other local fruits.  A meeting follows at about 9 am, to discuss the day, which includes both internal, shared exercises, and external activities.  Jose usually introduces a theme and an ongoing exercise that is connected to the theme.  This is followed by many, many activities, from movement practice, to work on the farm, to the sacred, Sufi practice of Zikr…to deeply supportive, brief pauses every hour that we remember to share our internal exercise together…to meals prepared, shared and cleaned up after.  Everyone has a role and is involved, everyone comes together at certain moments.  The children are running in and out of the kitchen, the garden, the hills:  They are welcome and appreciated, their energy is part of the group.

Jose talked about the most important moments of our existence, the moments that are fully experienced (my words here interpreting his some), that we are utterly here for.  It felt that there were many, many moments shared by the group where we all became connected through the experience of being here.  There’s something miraculous about experiencing one’s life in the richly textured present.  There’s something even more remarkable when the experience is shared with others, in the here and now.  It’s more than one could ever hope for, and:  Here we are.

So that’s what the weekend is about:  Being.  Being together.  That’s what it’s about, to be with the group.  Quiet and simple, yet how precious it is to truly be, together.

To everyone, close and distant, sending so much peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness your way…to everyone..xoxo

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