September 26, 2014 part two..some pics…:)

IMGP0041Hi again:)  I want to share a few pics from the lovely Dominican beach we’ve been playing beside, and inside, for the past couple of days.  Sofia is playing in the ocean here with one of her new friends, Ava.  The water is perfect:  Aquamarine, warm, clear, soothing.

IMGP0102 (2)Here I am in the pool with Michelle..she can bob around and float for hours as long as one of us is nearby.

IMG_8131Here’s the fam!  Hard to get us all together at the same moment, but we managed to gather around a palm tree in front of a thatched hut place and asked a nice person to take our picture:)  Sofia, Marin, Cheryl, Michelle.

IMGP0037Sofia, at the edge of the sea, playing with sand, Ava, and the sea.

Delight-filled moments…and sending you peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness, to everyone…xoxo

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