September 29, 2014: On the way to School, and Who Comes to our Front Door

IMG_7902This is a bit hard to see, but worth peering into the photo a bit.  On our way to school, I was telling you about the many kids that hitch a ride to town, down the pot-filled rain and soggy dirt road.  This truck has picked up – I’m not quite sure, I couldn’t get an exact head count – approximately nine assorted riders. The ones in light blue shirts are the children going to school, hanging on to whatever they can for their ride!

IMG_7420Our traffic challenges on the way to town are usually animals more than cars, at least until we come to the highway.  There are some seriously intense bulls that wander along, calm and confident of who would win if a duel was necessary between him and a Hilux Truck full of wide-eyed girls.  This bull had such beautiful eyes and markings, golden, amber, silver.

IMG_7905Closer to Sofia and Michelle’s school, there are all kinds of people on scooters, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, trucks going about a day of business.  These guys are on a scooter, dragging two long poles/sticks.  Quite a feat.  We also saw a record number of people on one scooter the other day, I wish I was fast enough to get the pic – one father with four children attired for school, each with a backpack, clinging one behind the next to get to school.  Five on a scooter.

IMG_8034Last weekend, we were so happy to have kids at our front door!  Here is Sofia and Michelle with two friends from the group who are close to their age.  They run free around the farm, help with projects we are working on, join in for meals.  Sometimes we find them in our house, jumping on the bed or playing hide and seek.  This morning, Michelle said, “Miss..miss friends…” and she named the three kids from this family whose cottage is next to ours.

IMG_8008Someone else was right in my door when I opened it the other day:  Luna had escaped from her pasture and was eating grass so close that I said, “OH!” when I came nose to nose with her. She almost walked into the house.  Felipe came quickly to the rescue – he’s in the foreground, trying to grab Luna.  It turned into a rather lengthy capture, as Luna jumped away and ran behind the laundry building and tried to hide.  Nice to see you, Luna, and thank you for going back to eat your grass a little ways away from our front door…

Our family is now visiting an incredibly aquamarine salty clear, white sandy, palm studded beach.  We floated in the sea last night upon arrival.  Hubby is with the girls right now so I can do a little work — and say a quick hi to everyone here!

Thanks to everyone already, who has been sending ideas and support for my new baby, La’akea Corp, and her DBA Eco-Retreats DR!!!!  I have to work on website content now, per gentle nudging from Fabulous Organizer Lisa !!! I’m on it, Lisa! Peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness to everyone.  Every One.

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