September 23, 2014: A Public Announcement!

With an enormous amount of help from Lisa, my US based organizer friend and right arm, and many conversations and brainstorm sessions with Katiuska, I want to announce that as of yesterday, September 22, my baby corporation was born.  She weighs zero pounds and zero ounces thus far, so there’s only one way to go:  Growth upward!  Her name is “Laakea Corporation.”

“La’akea” is a Hawaiian word, which was bestowed upon me by a very special Hawaiian Auntie, the gracious Nona Beamer.  Born in 1923 in Honolulu, her full name is Winona Kapuailohiamanonokalani Desha Beamer.  The name she gave me generally means, “sacred, white light.”  The gift of the name came about via my mother, who knew that I wished for a special Hawaiian name.   She found and met Auntie Nona, they talked about me, and Auntie Nona prayed to the gods for my name.  When she gave it to me, as she, my Mom and I sat in a circle on the green grass of a shaded park in Honolulu, she said, quite solemnly, “I paused when the name came to me…it’s quite serious.  The name has never come to me before.  It comes to you with a responsibility:  You must share this sacred light with others.”

I’m trying, Auntie Nona!  Bless you and keep you always guided by your own sacred, angelic light.  She passed away peacefully in her sleep in 2008, from what I understand.

La’akea Corporation will do business as “Eco-Retreats DR.”  Our farm, also known as River Whisper Retreat Farm,  is the first of what I hope will be a collection of eco-conscious and green oriented retreat facilities in the Dominican.  Our wish is to collaborate with like-minded retreat spaces, in order to host groups that are interested in eco-conscious tourism, keeping the carbon footprint light, and sharing in an extraordinary retreat experience.

A special friend has offered to let me put a link to the business on her website.  To be announced soon!  I have to work on the content and find photos to post on the site.  Lisa is helping to establish a bank account and all the details in the USA that are needed to be able to proceed with creating a website.  As you know, at our farm, we are refining the movement/yoga hall and building a new kitchen and dining area.  It’s moving along beautifully.  The screens in the movement hall are almost complete, and Katiuska’s new kitchen now has a floor and is almost fully painted.  It’s in a lush location on the edge of the jungle above the river.

And aside from other details, my family and I are now taking a couple of days to explore a beach area – for fun, and in hopes of finding and connecting with a couple of eco-friendly, green retreat types of hotels that will want to talk to me about being a part of “Eco-Retreats DR.”  Maybe I’m jumping ahead.  If so, we will have a great time exploring and floating in the warm ocean with our giggling girls.

So…keep Laakea  and Eco-Retreats DR in mind…If you’re hanging out in yoga or at your favorite earth friendly organic food store, if you happen to come across an eco-conscious group that likes to go on retreats..maybe you could send me a message and introduce us?  There might be a group interested in Spanish immersion and organic gardening…or jungle bird watching…drumming circles…let me know:)  You can send an email for now, until my website is established, to

I’ll keep you posted about our progress.  Grateful to be sending you peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness, to everyone:) xoxo

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