September 5, 2014: Group coming to farm, Video project

Hola, my faithful friends!  Sofia and Michelle have done very well in their first week at the Escuela..Sofia bounds in and out each day.  Michelle, more cautious to warm up, (and the one I peek at the most via the window), is taking it all in.  We were driving in this morning and I said to her, “You’re going to su escuela, and you will see your amigos!”  She answered, “Yes, amigos sweeping and cwy.” (sleeping and cry).  😦  But when I peeked in this morning, most of her little group, including Michelle, were standing up in a circle with their two teachers, singing a song with music which is one of Michelle’s favorite things.  She was singing.  One boy was, indeed, “cwying.”

This weekend:  Jose’s group begins to meet again, after having a summer vacation/break.  Most of the friends that live in the city are coming to the farm for a weekend event, starting this afternoon.  Am I ready?  YES!  It’s almost a feeling of hunger, for the morning meditation exercise, seeing our friends, Zikr, movements, working together on the farm on whatever project is being targeted.  Sofia and Michelle can also join in for most activities, and a couple of their little friends that they’ve met before are arriving today.  Sofia has a special picture she made for her friend Anabelle.  She has repeatedly placed fallen flowers at their doorstep in preparation for their arrival.  New ones will be found and placed today.  

In the ongoing project of working toward a retreat business that could help support a permanent community at the farm, a filmmaker from the group and I are working on creating a couple of short marketing videos of the farm as a retreat facility, and also a second video to introduce Jose and his particular practice of the Fourth Way.  We will start filming this weekend, interweaving between various activities, filming the farm and its surroundings, sharing information about the farm.  I’ve never scripted a video before, and in meeting with our film friend Fernando yesterday, it was interesting to brainstorm about the videos, material, what our aim is, who is our audience, etc.  All good to know, all good to wonder!  Apparently, there are helpful, eco-conscious websites that could promote our video if they are inspired by our intentions of building a self-sustained, permaculture community.  Fortunately Fernando knows about some of these things and can guide us.

Fernando and I talked about this moment in time being an opening of possibilities that exists right now, for our community, and our large scale planet community.  Quite a few group members would like to move to the farm, yet, like our family, they have limited financial funds and ability to do so without a money-making business at the farm.  Is it possible to build a successful retreat business that will open the door for our long-term residence here, and for others to move here?  Is it possible that other groups will want to book their retreat at our sacred, lovingly tended rainforest farm?  

.  We are here, holding our hands open to the skies, asking, “How can we help?  How best can we support the manifestation of a self-sustained community?  What is possible, right now?…”

Right now, the group meets again.  Right now, Fernando comes with a video camera and we shoot some film.  Right now, we keep our arms spread open and without knowing any answers, remain open, do our best,  and “Live the questions,” as a wise man named Rilke once said, in “Letters to a Young Poet” :

“…Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them.  And the point is to live everything.  Live the questions now.  Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

Watching life as it unfolds…curious to see what will come next…Right now, just living everything.  And to everyone, may you embrace life with gusto, and be filled with peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness.  And as always, I truly mean everyone.

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