September 1, 2014: Beach, Hair, and School

Puerto Plata beachOur family of four spent two nights at a hotel near Puerto Plata, ON GRID…I have to say…there are some amazing aspects to going from OFF grid to ON..especially at a Caribbean beach hotel.  The three shadows going into the sea are Hubby, Sofia and was not crowded..there was beautiful water, fish that look like the ones in Hanauma Bay that I used to see, little thatched umbrellas to hang out under.  It was wonderful.

Fif n Mit dancing in PPSo the girls and I went a bit wild, coming from “off grid.”  There was a loudspeaker near the pool playing music and every time we walked by, Sofia and Michelle started wildly dancing to everyone’s delight:)  In our hotel room, when I left the bathroom light on, Sofia said, “Mommy:  You have to turn off the light!..”  She was very conservative with toilet paper, wanted to toss it into the trash so we could burn it later (“No, really, honey, it’s can flush it here…but yes, just use a little..”  )  Off grid is getting under their skin and there are many important lessons to hold and keep close.

the 3 girls w hairSome ladies on the beach were braiding people’s hair..all three of us girls went for it!!! We are now fully braided.  It makes combing SO much less traumatic.  Hubby said I look like a real mix now:  “A gypsy, like we are:)”

Fif 1st day schoolWe came home to the farm last night and got the girls ready for their first day of school in Bonao:  Happy Kids.  Sofia was THRILLED and literally took her new friends by can see her right in the midst of things here…Michelle is more serious…when I peeked thru her window, she was holding two dolls, having them hug…can’t wait to pick them up in a few minutes!  At 11 AM…

More soon…peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness to everyone…everyone…


4 thoughts on “September 1, 2014: Beach, Hair, and School

    • Thanks, girlfriend! Last time I did the braids, i ended up bald after a couple of months since they were glued to my head – remember when I saw you, my hair was just starting to grow out? This time they didn’t use glue, so hopefully they will come out easily when needed…I’m like Bo Derek if there was a movie called “TEN: Fifty Plus, The Sequel” LOL

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