August 29, 2014: Catching up with YOU!

IMG_7570Yes I’m still here!!!!!  My wish is to “talk” with you at least twice a week so my apologies for going missing on you:)  This is ridiculous but one minor problem is that I still don’t know how to post pictures on my blog..I need Hubby to help..I WILL learn this task.  But since we last left off at the beach, I wanted to include some pics of our little adventure…above, that’s Michelle and me collecting important objects such as coral, shells, one cigarette butt (it looked like a nice shell initially), and some baby coconuts.

IMG_7571Sofia was overjoyed to meet a friend in the ocean.  She immediately switches to Spanish – I have no idea what they were saying – but they splashed and threw seaweed and played on a log for as long as I would let her.

IMG_7573Michelle loved bobbing around in the ocean with her floaties until a small wave went over her head.  After that incident (luckily on the last day), we hung out on the beach and grass.  You can see in the backgroun – flags are blowing in what soon became a tropical storm – semi hurricane type of thing!  

IMG_7575Sofia, with the help of her floaties, has become very comfortable in the water and is really learning how to swim.  During our weekend, Katiuska said that she has never seen this particular part of the sea with waves..the whole weekend, the foamy waves just outside of the coral reef were constant.  It was rainy and windy and wild…the girls and I went in the ocean anyway.  The water is SO warm and cozy, it was fun being rained on while warmed up by the salty sea at the same time.

IMG_7576 Our Michelle, cuteness.  The beach is lovely..white sand..coconut palms, not very many people were there at all…It was a relaxing time.  The night before we left, a huge lightning and thunder storm flew by.  Most of the time it was cloudy or rainy, so there was the feeling of — what can you do?  Just let go and enjoy, and run in the puddles anyway, float in the ocean…on the last day, there was a strange opening of complete sun and warmth, so we had a “real” beach time:)  Then two things happened:  On the horizon we saw a huge purple black wave of storm coming in the sky; and two – Jose called Katiuska and said he saw on the news that a possible hurricane was coming.  By the time we packed, the skies had let loose an impressive rainfall – by the time we all got to the truck, it was as if we had been showered with our clothes on!  Sofia and Michelle were completely happy about all of this — soaking and laughing and running.  

When we returned to the farm, there was no storm in the hills.  I heard that quite a lot of people were flooded out of their homes and my heart goes out to them.  The same weekend, Girlfren’ Jean in California sent a text about the big earthquake in their area of Northern California…things are stirred up right now, aren’t they, in and out?  More soon…but wanted you to see the beautiful ocean…Peace, love, happiness, safety, everyone…Everyone.  xoxo

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