August 21, 2014: On the Lighter Side of Life…

Every day, there are so many “WOW” moments, I wish I could record all of them here.  Today, I want to share a couple of moments of the last few days, in the midst of our life here, just so you get a view of the lighter side of everything, too.  

On my day alone at the farm with Sofia and Michelle a few days ago:

— The horse somehow wrapped her rope around a tree and could not get to her water and food.  The water and food was remarkably well tied to a post and I could not move the two buckets.  I’m still adjusting to Luna and her moods so I have not volunteered for the experience of leading her to new pastures yet.  I brought a cooking pot full of water from my kitchen which I brought to her – she slurped it up.  I could tell she was unhappy on her short lead, so I had to untangle her from the tree.

It was a slow dance between two beings.  She knew I was trying to help her, as clumsy as my dance was.  For some reason, I could NOT get the rope unwrapped from the tree, so I had to guide and coax her to unwrap herself.  She followed me around the tree three times, until I could free her from her predicament.  She was patient with me.  I led her to the big bucket of food and water and then bid her well for the day.  She was extraordinarily polite which I appreciated.

— Felipe caught a cold and was not well enough to come work at the farm on his usual duties.  But Hubby was coming home fairly late, so Felipe came to take care of a few things in the evening, until Hubby returned from the city.  When he showed up, he started talking, “Yadadadadada…” and pantomiming, pointing to his wet pants (it had rained really hard a while ago), shaking his head in despair.   I tried to remember the word for “pants” in Spanish and could only come up with “calcatines” which is socks.  So in English, back to him, I said, “I know you are sick, Felipe, are your pants too wet, and you don’t have any others here?  Do you need to borrow some pants from Hubby?”  He was nodding (certainly hearing:  “Yadadadada” back from me), and pointing to his cold, clammy wet pants.  “Okay Felipe – Espera! (i know a word! It means:  Wait)…let me get a pair of Hubby’s pants for you to borrow…”

I ran into our house and tried to find a reasonable pair of pants for him – but my Hubby happens to be 6’3″ and solid, and Felipe is a good head shorter and wiry like a man who climbs La Loma (the hills) all day long. I intuitively understood that my Lululemon yoga pants would not suit him, either.  So I grabbed a huge pair of Hubby sweat pants, and Hubby happened to call right then from the city.  Thank God.  I answered the phone and said, “Please talk to Felipe, I think he is cold and needs to borrow your pants but just to verify .. “

Felipe explained to Hubby on the phone that he was pointing to his knees.  His knees were sore and he was trying to tell me that he was late because of his knees.  I’m glad I didn’t bring the Big and Tall 2X sweatpants out.  I just smiled and nodded when Hubby translated.  I wonder how many times a day I do something like try to pass Extra Large pants to a lean person who is talking about his sore knees?

I wonder if Felipe saw me bring water to Luna in my stainless steel kitchen pot and then do the back step slow dance three times around the tree with her?  That’d be enough to make anyone want to show up a little late for their duties!

——————–   —————    —————–   ——————-   ——————-   ——————-  ——————–  ———-

With Sofia and Michelle:  Because we don’t use a lot of power, no t.v., and just watch an occasional snippet of “Wonder Pets” from a soon-to-be-broken dvd player…our “story time” has extended somewhat.  I’ve made up a story that kind of took off from one of my favorite books when I was little, “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  I make it up as we go along, and it’s becoming a fun part of our evening right before bed, to “Tell me the next part of the story, Mommy!!”  Right now, we’re at a part where Mr. Stick had broken the wardrobe that linked People and Magic world together.  Grandma Grace had to find several items (including a sliver of sun from a sunbeam) to stir together in an upside down flowery hat that Corny Corn the baby Unicorn had kept in her pocket.  It’s a longggg story – but the gist of it is, the two worlds will always be connected if everyone remembers the love in their hearts that they feel for each other, even when they are not right there with them.  It’s what I always tell the girls every night:  We are in each others hearts, always, can you feel?  Feel in your heart?  Remembering our love is the magic potion that keeps everyone connected.


Katiuska is taking Sofia, Michelle and me to a beach house with her three daughters!  Sofia and Michelle have a twinsy set of little floaties that they’ve been using to bob around in the river.  We will bring the floaties and go into the ocean for the first time since we arrived.  I’m excited!  Sofia is beside herself with excitement.  Michelle doesn’t understand what’s happening but she is excited now, too.  Hubby and Jose will remain at the farm to keep watch over things.  

It might take a little time before I post again since we’ll be gone for a couple of days.  So if it’s quiet here…don’t worry…things are happening and I’ll be back soon!  We won’t stay out of touch for long.  In the meantime, my wish is that everyone finds that quiet place within, where nothing can disrupt your peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness.  Everyone.  xoxo

3 thoughts on “August 21, 2014: On the Lighter Side of Life…

  1. Hmmmm….four days does seem like a long “couple of days”. Hope all is well and that the WOW experience of seeing the ocean left an awesome impression you all.
    I do miss you guys, as life here on the outside is pretty intense these days and by contrast your experiences are like a pause between breaths – maybe more like gasping for the next breath-

  2. Hi Cheryl:
    Life has a way of swallowing us all up!! September looks to be a busy time for me. Wanted to leave you the address to my website so you can read what I am up to since it is going to be SO busy. Give my best to your hubby and to Jose & katisuka! See details below for contact info. HUGS, Tim & Sandy

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