August 20, 2014: Gorgeous Passion Fruit Morning

IMG_7483Early morning light…a wrinkly Chinola (Passion Fruit aka Lilikoi in Hawaii), a lime and a smooth waxy Chinola that was resting on the path to El Rio…

IMG_7487Cut open the wrinkly Chinola..the heady, robust aroma of the jungle enters all of the senses, wild and fresh.

IMG_7492Cut open the smooth, shiny one from the path:  Wow!  No wonder it’s called “Passion Fruit” in some places.  Is that on fire or what?!

IMG_7493Delicate and dangerously passionate, she offers herself to the morning, ready to be wrung dry.

IMG_7500And in the end, a soft light, empty vessels of the rainforest offerings, and a succulent, fulfilling juice!  Blessings to the rainforest for its fruitful gifts…peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness to all today and every day. xoxo

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