August 18, 2014: More thoughts on Eco-Conscious Business and Community…and a blessing to a friend

Every year, Jose’s group members come to the farm from Santo Domingo, the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, and a few other places I’m probably forgetting. Jose hosts several seminars at the farm, which are usually about 8-9 days long, with various extensions depending on the year.

The farm can host up to 60 people, as there are several private cottages, shared and private rooms, a large restaurant style kitchen, a meditation room, and a stunning open hall for dance, yoga, music, movements. Along one hill is the organic garden which we feasted from last January. Hubby has been busy weed-whacking another hill this past weekend, in preparation for a lovely walk up to what will one day be (most likely) our greenhouse.

The farm breathes in. There is a sense of expansion and possibility, and also readiness. The farm is ready to embrace more people, to offer itself as an eco-conscious haven to those who wish to experience a true tropical, rejuvenating retreat. It seems like one of the many synchronistic elements of our family’s recent arrival, that we can offer time to support the next breath in. We are breathing in, too. We are here, ready to co-create a community that we believe in from a spiritual and an earth-caring perspective.

So along with Jose, Katiuska and the group, we will focus on a couple of business ideas. Here is the first one, for now: We are expanding the farm’s availability, to host other eco-aware groups that wish to reserve our holistic, spiritual retreat farm. There are a few weeks in the year that are already booked for Jose’s seminars (which anyone is invited to, just for you to remember:) Please see for more information on Jose and what he offers in a Teaching and seminars). Other than already booked seminar dates, we are ready to host groups from approximately 10 – 60 people. Well, let’s say anytime from about four weeks from now, since there are a few little details we want to finish up before your arrival! You might be a drumming group, yoga retreat, eco-conscious family reunion, Spanish immersion group, horticulture society, bird watching group, dance group, meditation group, reading group…it’s pretty flexible. I hope you will be inspired to join us for many reasons, including our commitment to help contribute to the eco-conscious economic and social development of the rainforest and its people.

I’m SO excited about this project!!!! For a million reasons.  Katiuska and I very loosely talked about the retreat idea in January. We talked about how well the farm handles retreats, how intentionally the group works together during seminars with rides from the airport, cooking, cleaning, consideration for the participants. How sensitive everyone is to the land, the resources, the local community. How ready this farm is, how prepared the group is, for that deeper breath in, to serve others and the land with caring attention. From personal experience, I know how profoundly inspiring it is to be held here, in so many ways, from the land to the people. Being here is – unforgettable. A life-changing experience, when I visited the first time in January. You all know, though – it’s turned out to be much more than a week for me, right?!

There’s so much more to tell you, but the girls are patiently waiting for me to come out of the gazebo…Hubby is hovering, so it’s a sign that it’s time to finish up. Just one more thing – when Hubby and I somehow miraculously decided to move here, we both felt a sense of urgency. Once the decision was made, everything started moving very quickly. We don’t know exactly why, but we felt it was important to arrive as reasonably soon as we could.

Maybe it’s the rainforest calling, maybe it’s Jose getting older. Maybe it’s the group, that others are ready to move here, if more permanence is felt. Maybe it’s people we know and love, recently completing their lives, passing on. Whatever it is, we both had the shared realization of how quickly life moves on. We want to live it as fully as we can, and to offer a meaningful life to the girls. And we know somehow, that here, the offer of a vibrant, purpose-filled life is ever present. All we have to do is open our eyes and be here for it. And here you are, too! For everyone, wherever we are right now, may we all take a moment to share peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness. Everyone. Xoxo

PS: A special blessing to an old friend from Hawaii, Pam Loo, who passed away a couple of days ago. May your journey be gentle on you now, Pam. May you loosen your wings and fly free of the burden of a well-worn body. You are loved by so many, clearly by your daughters, and by your many classmates like me that are remembering the sparkly effervescent essence of you. Peace be with you, forever. Rest now, rest. xoxo

2 thoughts on “August 18, 2014: More thoughts on Eco-Conscious Business and Community…and a blessing to a friend

  1. Hello Cheryl or reader of this,
    Eco-Conscious perspectives thats sounds good. How do you think about the following. The farm was up to now a home for the work of the fourth way. Thats was the energy and vibes there. To open it up will change and mix these energies. What does that mean, what are the consequences, is it the right time …? I wonder … who knows? Love from Luxembourg. Alfred

    • Hello Alfred!
      Glad I’ll be seeing you soon…we can wonder together!
      Is it the right time? Can this particular Fourth Way group offer itself in service to others, respecting the land and the lovely energy that has been collected here over the years? Is there enough community to support such service? Our family is here to help support the experiment to discover if a self-sustained, residential Fourth Way community is meant to be…we’ll see! I can’t wait to watch what happens next because I truly don’t know what the answers all are:) It will be interesting to see what unfolds. All the best, with Love from the farm, Cheryl

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