August 14, 2014: A Few Community-Business Thoughts

Hello again, from a piece of time that became possible.  Hubby is with the girls.  I took my FIRST trip out of the farm – solo – in the truck.  I’m at the combo grocery store/internet cafe place in the city of Bonao.  It was good to break through the fear of traveling outside the farm alone.  So far, so good!

Have I mentioned that we hope (and need) to help develop a self-sustaining business here with the community at the farm?  Aside from Jose and Katiuska’s living part time at the farm, we are the only other group members that have made the leap off the grid, to live here full time.  Last week, Hubby and I had several conversations with Jose and Katiuska, brainstorming ideas for business development that can help other members move here and have job opportunities.  

We want the business to help the outlying community and land, whether this means the neighbor and trees next to the farm, or the country of DR, or our planet Earth.  However it makes sense, however it manifests.  (On my own personal scale, I have GOT to stop using so many Baby Wipes, as wonderful as they are, for ecological and financial reasons.  I will be better starting right now.)  

On the business scale, we are aware that the Dominican Republic is becoming a popular tourist destination.  We have an opportunity to offer eco-conscious models of business to help the local community make choices that are healthy and profitable for their families, and for the beautiful land here.  It’s kind of mind boggling – what are the needs of our emerging community, in addition to considering how we can help contribute to ecologically sound development in this country…or town…or with the neighbors.

Locally, we can see many people trying to sustain their families and land with natural, eco-conscious methods.  I’ll try to do some real research and let you know more, but I see people harvesting the local foods, cows eating grass in open pastures, the baby chicks being hand fed with no antibiotics or hormones.  It’s here, and it’s possible.  But we can also see, and understand why, many people would sell their land to a company offering cash…and then the land is destroyed.  The beautiful, local black slate is being mined.  Across from us in the next city of Maimon, a huge Gold Mine is being prepared.  In Bonao where I sit, the city mostly was built by a company that mined Nickel here for years.  

Oh, my…there goes the time!  … It’s a long thought…many conversations, many things to consider and research and question and answer.  Please chime in anytime with ideas, as we continue the exploration!  (Whoops, I have no idea why this paragraph is in bold, please excuse me:)  Maybe it’s “meant to be!”)

We have a big list of ideas.  We’ll be talking to Jose and Katiuska more over the next few days, as they are coming home to the farm today.  Some friends from the group are considering making the big step to move here.  I’d love to have a business plan in progress!

Katiuska and I have a favorite, running idea, and I’ve been researching a bit today, sitting at the internet cafe.  I’ll tell you more about it soon.  I hope you like the idea.  Of course it will somehow include our delicious passion fruit butter spread, in one way or another!  Love that stuff.

Driving around the local area, I can see trash, and people burning in the hills, and land being wounded.  I know it’s from a sense of need, I get that.  I also see what is still alive and untouched:  Incredible mountains, clear running rivers, wild indigenous birds and snakes (must tell you about my meeting with the snakes soon!), frogs that send the message, “It’s not too late to save us!  But please, hurry a little bit, if you can!”

We’ll do the best we can, at whatever scale we can manage.  Hang on, little frog that landed squishy on my cheek one night and totally freaked me out.  I don’t want you to go away! (Even though I’d rather you didn’t land on my face again, thank you very much.)  We know there are many, many people – everywhere – who are also creating eco-conscious businesses, and making earth-friendly lifestyle choices. I hope we can share our ideas with one another, learning and growing together.   And to everyone, everywhere, may we share peace, love, health, happiness, safety and goodness.  Everyone.  xoxo

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