August 10, 2014: Only a Moment

It’s been hard to find a good, long chunk of time to write a post, and now is not a good chunk, either..I have six minutes before the wild rice is finished.  Speed-writing is not the best way to go unless sending an emergency message, which this isn’t.

But I really wanted to say hello.  Six – now five – minutes, can be spent in so many ways.  I’ll spend it with you, whoever you might be, reading this post.  I wonder where you are sitting? What do you see, beyond the computer screen?  One friend from Canada emailed me that she’s been trying to keep up with my posts, but only has a good internet connection in a grocery store somewhere, so she’s occasionally sidled up next to a fire extinguisher wall, quickly checking in on me.  It’s hard for her to get an accurate read on how I am really doing here, via the blog up against a wall in a grocery store.

Even here, cupped right in the rainforest bowl that envelops me, even here, sitting with myself – it’s hard to know exactly “how I am really doing”.  I’m a bit like the rainforest that way – a sunny, light, breezy afternoon can suddenly be washed out by an enormous downpour that one hardly saw coming.  So who is that?  How is Cheryl doing?  It depends on the moment.  Maybe in time, I’ll be less like a rainforest and more like an ancient, steady Sequoia Tree – not now.  My grandmother would have turned 99 today, if she hadn’t died on March 1 of this year.  I see her serene, smooth and ancient as a Sequoia.  Maybe I’ll grow like her, over the years.

So right now:  Two minutes left for wild rice time..a dove very patiently coo’s nearby.  It’s late in the day, so the light is in one of its magical phases, soft, furry, lazy wavy leaves.  Hills rolling in shade and striped sun.  I hear my family coming from the meditation room, ready for me, for my time, for the wild, sharp black rice.  I’m almost ready for you…

Right now, in only a moment, in case you were wondering:  All is well.  I so hope the same for you, and heart happy that I could share only a moment with you.  Well, actually six minutes, but “only a moment” sounded so much more elegant somehow!  Peace, love, happiness, health, goodness, safety to you, in every moment of your life. xoxo

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