August 29, 2014: Turbulence…and remembrance.

August is traditionally a tough month for planet Earth and people in general.  A lot of friends have shared how many struggles they are having, there are earthquakes and hurricanes and things just feel askew.  Internally and externally, many of us feel it.  Hang on, hold on…endure..(I say, and tell myself)..everything moves… I lost another […]

August 19, 2014: People who Lived Fully

I’m here at the farm alone today with Sofia and Michelle.  In my usual mode, I went from feeling a bit anxious to — tiptoeing, then wading, then immersing myself into the flow of the day.  The girls are amazing:  They entertain themselves and me, with creative projects such as collecting flowers into a bag […]

August 12, 2014: Super High Anxiety

Whew! Internal weather report for today:  I have a lot of anxiety.  This is not new.  Anxiety has been with me since I was thirteen, and probably before, although I don’t remember. Why am I anxious?  Why is there thunder in the distance right now, why is that rooster hoarsely crowing nearby, even though it’s […]

August 10, 2014: Only a Moment

It’s been hard to find a good, long chunk of time to write a post, and now is not a good chunk, either..I have six minutes before the wild rice is finished.  Speed-writing is not the best way to go unless sending an emergency message, which this isn’t. But I really wanted to say hello. […]