Something Else About Jose, July 31

Just to put this out, because it is so important, too.

Jose is a good man.  Everyone probably has an intuitive feeling about what a good man is.  He is a good man.  And, he is a very lucky man, because he has a very good woman by his side.  

Katiuska is next to him, beside him all the way.  She is the one who organizes everything and knows all the details of everything.  Everything.  At my first seminar here, when I knew nothing about the farm, any question I had, pretty much the answer was always, “We need to ask Katiuska…”  I found myself chasing her a bit, waiting for the right moment when she took a breath in between overseeing dinner and grabbing a handful of cilantro from the yard, to quickly stand in front of her and say, “I have a quick question…which one is the bucket for the chicken food?”  or “What do you do when the hot water runs out?” or “How do I find the new compost pile?” or “How do I find Rosa the babysitter?”…She somehow managed to stop and gracefully find a way to answer every tiny question we would bring.  Gracefully.  Amazing grace and patience.

I’m on my way to make dinner for my family right now, so this is brief.  But to place a small bookmark here, to return to when I can.  A big part of Something About Jose, is that there is something special and remarkable about Katiuska, too.  They’re in it together, side by side.  Their love and relationship permeate the group and this farm.

2 thoughts on “Something Else About Jose, July 31

  1. Hi:
    Loved the ‘wet underwear’ story!! Does it work equally well with people…?!?
    Oh yeah, I remember when ‘on the property’, especially payday, how we would all pile into one car for a “quick trip to SF”, HAH, I also made some ‘quick trips’ on my own into Sac as well…
    I somewhere remember that we are all equally beggars….
    It is indeed rare to find someone with such qualities who are available to share with us on our voyage on this pathless path and who can facilitate that sacred meeting-place between this world and the ‘higher’ world in ourself. But (and I know you are trying to describe to us what you see) these ‘doorways’ can create an allurement that leaves us fascinated with the door….
    My recollections of interactions with the “senior” members of the Foundation was that questions were not only for work on myself but also included work on themselves. In fact M. used to say that if I wasn’t satisfied with an answer I recieved, I needed to press on, for the work was a two-way street. I really was made to work against my fear at being judged and called glib, but it allowed me to express myself, regardless,and put us on equal footing.
    Maybe this in-aweness will eventually become an equal playing field for you.
    If you guys weren’t so special and remarkable yourselves, you would have stayed put in MA.
    Great teachers are indeed catalysts, but remember there is no power or glory but in God.
    You can edit this post if you wish, I want to minimize your internet time so will only post here rather than emailing you personally.
    Are you OK with that?
    Big Hug

  2. Big hug back to you, and always grateful for your voice, no wish to edit. Just write privately if you ever feel the need to. Love the reminiscing re. old times and payday, etc…! And yes, great thoughts re. teachers and doorways, catalysts and awe. Jose is remarkable for me, and is also remarkable in that he is a regular guy, watering his plants and hugging his daughters, chopping wood and repairing a toilet. It’s all part of being in community together. And it’s also — really hard to accurately describe him, the group, my own connection, all of it! Words:) Big hug to you, and so glad you are expressing the YOU that you are! xoxo

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