July 30, 2014 The Horse and The Cure

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to the big city again for one more IKEA run – we returned with a table and four chairs, and a table and small chair for Sofia’s piano. Fun! When we came back to the farm, Felipe, Rosa and the girls were all “eta bien,” which is the Dominican version of “All okay.”


The only thing was that Luna, the horse that lives here, didn’t seem completely okay. Usually she is standing around tied to a station that Felipe has chosen, for her to graze and wander about on her lead. When we returned home yesterday, she was laying on her side on the ground. At first, I thought, “Oh, she’s taking a little rest, that’s nice…” but as the evening wore on, it became clear that she wasn’t really taking a little rest – she was just laying there. The longer she laid there, the less restful it looked.


Hubby and Felipe conversed about Luna and what might be going on. At bedtime, Felipe came to our window and Hubby and Felipe conversed again. I asked what was going on, since everything is in Spanish and I still can’t speak the language. Hubby said that Felipe was sure now that something was wrong with Luna. She was still laying there, and from outside my window, I could hear her breathing and groaning a bit uncomfortably. The plan was that in the morning if she wasn’t better, Felipe and Hubby would have to go try to find a Doctor to come and look at Luna.


Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned Luna much yet, if at all. I guess it’s because I have mixed feelings about her. I WANT to love Luna so so much! How awesome to vicariously be able to have a horse, to pet her and love on her, give her little treats, watch the girls ride her when Katiuska is home. And she’s really improved since I first met her in January when she was still quite young.


In January, she would likely run after you and turn around and try to kick you. She tried to bite some people if they came too close or weren’t careful enough. A trainer came and spent a lot of time with her, and initially the time was spent mostly running from her. She is a feisty girl and I do respect that – from a distance. When we arrived most recently, Katiuska’s daughter assured us that Luna had mellowed out a lot – she no longer tried to kick and bite, and she was gentle and sweet.


So somewhere in the first few days, I tried to bond a bit with her. She does seem much more mellow overall. But I think she also misses Katiuska and Jose, her true owners, so she’s probably getting a bit frustrated regarding their return. A bit feisty. There have been a couple of times that I’ve brought Luna a little treat of a carrot top, and then I’ll pet her a little bit while her ears are forward. Yet suddenly, she might look at me and must be deciding something like, “What?..Wha’ the f…? Who does this lady think she is, trying to touch me, even though she just gave me a carrot? You can’t buy my love, lady!” and then her ears will turn back, and she starts to turn around so that her back side is facing me..and I of course, ditch out of there as fast as I can. Mostly, we have a longer distance relationship – one that is at least a horse length longer than her back legs. But I do talk to her and try to visit from a safe place, every day. And I’m pretty sure she will be much happier when her folks come home.


Anyway, last night Luna was not looking good, at all. When I laid down in bed, I could hear her occasional groan from the window and it was really sad and upsetting. If it was daylight and there were no rumors of road closures again, Felipe and Hubby would’ve gone right then to try to find a Vet. I prayed Luna would be okay, and did my best to go to sleep, not quite sure which noise was a bull frog and which noise was Luna having a hard moment.


At early dawn, I looked out our window to the area where Luna had been laying. She wasn’t there! I saw her shadowy figure over by a tree – standing! Looking good. I saw Felipe lead her over to a new area and give her some food. She started eating! She looked damn fine. Whew, even though she’s not my BFF in any way, shape or form, I really do care about her and I was SO relieved she seemed perfectly fine again. Also, I just couldn’t imagine how we would handle it if Luna didn’t make it through the night? Where and how do you take a deceased horse?


Hubby went and talked to Felipe for a few minutes, they chatted happily as they started their day. Hubby came back in, shaking his head with a smile. “Luna seems good, right?” I asked him, happily.

“Yep,” Hubby smiled, “She’s good.” He paused for a minute with his smile, and then continued to share.


“You know what Felipe did? He was thinking hard all night about what to do if a horse gets sick, and every time he checked on Luna, she was still laying there, not looking good. Suddenly he remembered what his father had taught him to do if a horse gets sick: He found an old pair of his underwear and wet it down a bit. He took the underwear out to Luna and slapped her with it in the shape of a cross a few times. Then she got better.”






Can’t make this stuff up, as my friend Anthony says! Luna is nearby right now, munching away on something, eyeing me as I type in the gazebo. Good for you, girl! You’re not going to let some old dude slap you around with a used pair of underwear for too long, right?


I’m going to love this horse to pieces, I just know it.

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