July 29, 2014: Dawn

Woke up really early for some reason.  The feeling of anticipation is here at the farm.  Felipe is suddenly busier than ever, up in the “Loma” he tells Hubby, (the hills), somewhere preparing something on part of the land, for the return of Jose and Katiuska.

Last night after we had tucked the girls into bed. Felipe arrived at our window, with his booming voice and excited “Holaaacommentstahhhhhlah-lah-lah-gatita-gatitas”..there was this eensy teensy tiny high pitched noise accompanying him:  He had found one of the cats babies.  Gatitas.  Kittens. 

He held up four screechy, adorable little kittens at our window.  Of course the girls had to come out, we all went outside, Hubby got the camera:  They are objectively adorable.  The mother has been hiding them in a tool room on the side of the building where the washing machine is.  I realize now looking back, there were several times Sofia was trying to tell me, “Mommy, there’s a kitty stuck behind a door…through the window…”  In my hurried, lack-of-awareness rushing moments, I hadn’t fully listened and understood.

Sofia would like to keep all four of them, just to let you know, Katiuska.  She also wants to raise a baby chick, in addition to the imaginary bird she has been hunting for.  Hubby still wants a cow and some goats.  We’ll talk…soon!  I know we can’t have any more cats here, so we will do our best to start finding a home for these darlings.  Their Mommy has done a great job of hiding them from the dogs, from us, from our curious daughters little hands.

Jose and Katiuska are coming:  soon!  When?  We don’t know.  Hopefully they are resting up somewhere very, very quiet, after their trip to Europe.  Hopefully they will be very well rested by the time they drive up to the farm.  We’re not that invisible, can you tell, even from here?:)

I’ll try to find Hubby to post a pic of the kittens with our girls.  So cute.

I’m also trying to find a special space in time, to be able to tell you a little bit more about Jose and the group.  Before we are fully immersed in the midst of all that is to come.  My writing here is done in a flurry (can you tell that, too?:)), un-edited, whoosh on the fly – it’s the best I can do right now.  But to tell you more about Jose feels – well, it deserves as much attention as I can give.  Words don’t describe him fully.  He is so much more than words. How to describe what I experienced, what is strong enough to move me to move our family to the middle of a rainforest in the Dominican Republic?  

For the moment, I can’t.  The girls are waking up from their kitty cat dream sleep.  Another storm came rushing through briefly last night, but enough to knock over a glass vase in the dining hall.  We need to clean.  It’s time to make some more passion fruit butter.  We are fantasizing about making a “quick trip” (HAH!) to IKEA for a few more items…That is insane.

But I’ll find the time, soon, to tell you more about Jose.  He’s worth the telling.  You’ll be glad to meet him.  For now, my same wish remains:  I wish everyone, peace, love, happiness, health, safety, goodness.  Everyone.  xoxo

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