July 28 again: An Anniversary, The Last Storm, Business Delicious

I just sent a post a few minutes ago, and the internet seems to be on a roll, so I’m going to quickly try to write a random, additional flow of thoughts here…

If my calculations are correct, today is our One Month Anniversary – you and me – ! of my offthegridmama.com blog!  I think it started on June 28, a couple of weeks before we left the USA.  Happy One Month Anniversary.  There is a way to check stats for your site, and I’m not completely familiar with it yet, but it looks like there have been 4,424 views of my blog since I began.  Thank you so much for joining me, whoever you 4,424 views are (it’s not 4,424 people total, but 4,424 number of times people have viewed me.  I still can’t see if there’s a spot that shows the total number of people?)  Anyway, the important thing is that we are together.  You have stuck with me for a month during a pretty wild and amazing time, and I promise the ride is not about to get boring:)  It never seems to in my world, whether it’s a rainforest or a town in the US.  It means so much to me that you are here with me, and I’ll do my best to keep posting as I can.

Do you remember when I wrote about the big storm a few days ago?  It turns out that a local fellow was electrocuted by a strike of the lightning we had.  I remember one particular crash of lightning and thunder that day that had seemed to ricochet around and around the cup of the mountain we sit in, and … well, I don’t know which bolt of lightning killed the man, but it was sad to hear, and also a confirmation of my feelings that day:  The awe and respect we all must feel for nature’s ways.  No matter where we are – nature, or man-made machines, life is fragile, rimmed with possibilities, and ever brief.  I send a prayer to this man and his family.  May his passage be peaceful now.

On another note, Hubby and I in our waiting for Jose and Katiuska’s return, keep brainstorming about ideas for helping to support the farm in becoming self-sustaining, in all ways.  Katiuska and I will speak more about helping to create a retreat facility here, which is very possible as there are already many rooms, bathrooms, cottages, meditation room, yoga/theatre room, large dining/dance hall. full restaurant size kitchen, and more.  There is so much beauty and incredible nature to share here.

Felipe has been telling us – and having us taste – some of the fruits and roots that grow easily on this land.  One that I’ve mentioned is the passion fruit – lilikoi is its Hawaiian name that I knew it by, and here they call it something like ? – chinoia? — I’m not sure, I’ll have to get the spelling.  I mentioned Rosa creating the most delicious juice out of it for me, right?  Well, back in Hawaii there is a lip-smacking yummy, sweet and sour passion fruit butter that is made and sold as a gourmet item.  It’s so delicious, it’s one of those kinds of foods that when you take a taste, you keep wanting to have another taste.  It can be spread on crepes, scones, biscuits.  It’s similar in style to lemon curd/butter that is made in England.  It’s really gorgeously delicious.

So Hubby and I experimented with a couple of recipes we found.  Almost all of the ingredients can be made here on the farm, or brought from a local person.  Basically it’s passion fruit, butter, eggs, sugar, lime (if you want some extra zing, which I like).  So we used passion fruit from the trees, eggs from the chickens here, lime from a tree.  Then we used butter and sugar from the store but you could make butter from the cow.  I also want to experiment with something other than sugar, a healthier version such as agave or honey, or whipped dates.  It can be completely organic.  We’ve only had time to make one experimental batch and guess what — OMG – it’s really delicious!!!  

Anyway, we add to our list of how to create business here:  Make Passion Fruit Butter and sell to locals, resort hotels, gourmet food stores.  Serve at Jose’s seminars and our retreats.  Try not to gain too much weight while doing so.

Okay…signing off again…for now, from here…love to all, be peaceful, may we all be loving and careful with one another, for each of us is a magical creature of the Earth. xoxo

2 thoughts on “July 28 again: An Anniversary, The Last Storm, Business Delicious

  1. Hi:
    I did wonder what was up, but I know that Warrior-Woman can surmount any difficulties and was not that worried.
    Hmmmm, the butter sounds great. Do they grow sugar cane? Probably a healthier and better inexpensive alternative than agave/honey.Will you sell on Amazon??
    IKEA, huh? OMG don’t tell me they have a Tar-Zhay there too??
    Maybe the BlogPeople will be relieved to hear you DO have some sort of civilizing alternatives out there in the Off-The-Grid-Rain-Forest?
    My thoughts are with you.

  2. YES IKEA! Though it took us two hours one way to get there..but it’s there..just comforting even as a thought, isn’t it? I don’t think there’s a Tar-Zhay yet – maybe another business idea to explore? I do think they grow sugar cane here..would be good to check into any that might be organic? Yes, don’t worry – most likely if there’s no post from me, it’s that the internet is down, or my hands/feet/back/front are full for a day or two. Love that you’re calling me Warrior-Woman, I don’t deserve it, but I’ll totally embrace it! Thanx again for being with me, it means the world:) xoxo

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