July 28, 2014: No internet; trip to town…

IMG_0963 Hi to my Faithful Friends!  I haven’t been able to post for several days…when I was here, somehow the internet stopped working, which does happen at the farm sometimes.  Then….Saturday, our family made the trek for the first time to the big city of Santo Domingo…all by ourselves!  Our angel friend Fernando was willing to meet us in the morning but it took us so long to get ready that we weren’t able to get to the city until the afternoon.  Our big destination:  IKEA!  Wheeeeee!  We had seen it on our drive from the airport on the first day in, so we decided if we got on the highway and just kept going straight, eventually we would find the huge building.  Miraculously, we did.  Along the way, it’s always interesting to see how the locals travel.  This big yellow bus was right on the highway ripping along, and for whatever reason, many passengers were either on top, near the front, or in the process of climbing up out of the windows to get onto the top of the bus.  See photos:)  More below…





IMG_0964This is another photo of our drive on the highway, on the way to IKEA.  Not sure how many people are piled into the truck, and notice two motorcyclists are popping wheelies while they drive.  Wheeeeeeeee….We had an exhausting and fun visit to IKEA, bought a bunch of cool boxes for storage, 4 cabinet type of things for the kitchen and one bedroom, two pot holders, some tools for Hubby.  I felt like I could now reach another level of unpacking.  Also IKEA here looks and feels exactly the same as any IKEA in the USA so it seemed like we took a mini trip to American which was kind of fun.  Everything is so organized.

IMG_0992 At the same time, it was also nice to get back into the countryside at the end of our city day.  Along the way, we see lots of hills, greenery, animals..everything returns to nature’s way of being.  These two boys were riding along on their mule as we drove close to home.

IMG_1008Here we are, almost home, crossing our river.  Notice that I’m saying “our river” now…we’ve bonded some:)  You can see why we need a truck!

IMG_1012 And..we’ve also picked up some Dominican driving habits.  The girls started getting really hyper and over-amped on our drive home, so eventually we let them out of their seat belts and they went wild in the back seat, bumping along down our road.  At some point, it became very quiet in the back seat.  When we finally got home, you can see why:  That’s Michelle in the foreground, passed out on a bunch of groceries;  you can see part of Sofia in the background.  Like I said, a trip to the city is exhausting and exciting now!

More soon…I just hope to post this before the internet goes out on me!!!! Peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness to all xoxo

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