July 24, 2014: What You Might See When You’re Out

Just want to share a few “snapshots” of what we saw as we re-emerged from the farm yesterday and went on our errands to town.  Such a blended mix of worlds, our neighborhood!

As we leave the farm, I’ve mentioned that we drive through a segment of river to continue down the road.  Before we left for the store, Hubby was aware of the sound of an engine roaring, not far away from us.  Rosa told him something about “machines working on ?” something – (that’s all the translating I received! – you can imagine how much information I am receiving here at this time!) and that noise was probably the “machine sound.”

It wasn’t.  We drove along to the river and there, really looking more like a cartoon than real life, were two young men stuck in a vehicle in the river we were about to cross.  I’m using the word “vehicle” because I can’t say if it would be technically called a truck or a car, or some other mode of transportation.  It did have four wheels.  Stuck on to the four wheels were assorted, multi-colored, rusted parts crookedly attached into the shape of a vehicle.

I think in America we say, “They went joyriding,” is that right?  Anyway, their joyride jammed them deeply into the river.  They hadn’t taken the straight way across and they were stuck.  The other American phrase, “Up shit creek,” popped into my head, too.  We also knew they were really stuck since we had heard their engine rev for quite awhile back up at the farm.

It was fun to watch their expressions as we came driving into the river next to them in their predicament.  The driver started busily examining his ignition, and the passenger hopped around the sides, looking seriously at one of the wheels.  Hubby asked if they needed help, and they seemed surprised and interested to consider this – Hmm, there’s a thought?  Help?  

Quickly, the driver grabbed a long chain from the front and they hooked it to our truck, and we pulled them out.  “Gracias!” “Adios!” We all chimed in, and off we went.

A second image, about five minutes further down the road:  Two young boys (maybe 7 and 9 years?), feet up, riding their mule, packing a huge round load of sticks from here to somewhere.  Walking along nearby are a few loose cows, lazily chewing and watching.  One young cow is an albino, stark white against the lush green countryside.

Coming into the city:  A family on their drive to somewhere – on a small motor scooter that seems to be quite popular here as a mode of transportation.  The man is in front, driving and weaving his way through the traffic.  His woman straddles him from behind, with her left arm curved around his waist.  In her right arm, held like a big pillow flopping down, dangles their chubby, expressionless baby boy.  We speculated that the baby’s first memory might be of pavement rushing endlessly past him, with lots of honking noises in the background.

Rosa told Hubby that she has only been to the ocean one time.  She didn’t sound too overly impressed with it.  She very occasionally travels to the big city of Santo Domingo, since two of her daughters live and work there.  She says they don’t like the big city too much.  I can imagine how the intensity of noise and stimulus of the city must seem to Rosa, coming from her steady, peaceful life here.  

Even for me, coming back to the farm after our excursion out – it was calming to return.  In the internet cafe, with our “to do” list, the hurrying, impatient part of me started emerging.  The traffic, the rush, the thousands of products, advertisements, sounds and images, all pulled at my own overloaded insides and started to dig at me, enticing me to panic with all there is “to do.”  How to be in the busy world, yet retain the rainforest way of being?  It is a lesson I need to learn from the other side of the river.

4 thoughts on “July 24, 2014: What You Might See When You’re Out

  1. Hi there.
    Love hearing your impressions of life there in the rainforest.
    You are a gifted writer! With your photos and then the descriptions of events, paints a great picture in my imagination of what you are experiencing. Thank you!
    OMG those poor guys, ‘Up shit’s creek” I really loved that, you can’t make this stuff up!!
    It seems that time has slowed down to allow you to perceive each momoent fully. And you are really learning what it means ‘to be in the world but not of the world’. What a great gift. Guess all those years of efforts have paid off somehow.
    You are in my thoughts….

  2. Hey Anthony! So happy you are on this ride with me, whether it be a moment “up shit creek,” or “blissed out”! Yeah, isn’t it great that when our eyes are more fully open, there’s no need to make anything up – life is already a riot, a trip, a blessing, better than any movie since it’s happening to YOU in real time! Thanx for enjoying my writing, I really appreciate the support:) Love to you, where you are, old friend:)

  3. I love “How to be in the busy world, yet retain the rainforest way of being? It is a lesson I need to learn from the other side of the river.”

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